Miyagi Prefecture

There are currently three groups established in Miyagi Prefecture, in Sendai City, Ishinomaki City, and Onagawa Town.

In June of 2011, we reached out to members of Hearty Sendai to form the first PhotoVoice group of Miyagi Prefecture.

These members then formed the private organization “PhotoVoice Sendai”, which went on to create two new groups in Sendai City and Ishinomaki City in October of 2012. By July of 2014, a member of the Ishinomaki group took initiative in forming group in Onagawa Town.

PhotoVoice Sendai was supported by the Fujieda Fund for Gender Equality in Responding to the Great East Japan Disasters in 2014 for PhotoVoice work in Miyagi.

Sendai Group

Ishinomaki Group

Onagawa Group