Onagawa Group

Members of our Ishinomaki Group who lived in Onagawa decided they would like to bring the project to their own hometown, and worked with members of Ekubo House (Facebook) to establish their own group in July of 2014.

As a collaborating organization, Ekubo House planned and held a PhotoVoice exhibition event in January of 2017 in Onagawa Town, with PhotoVoice Sendai members eager to provide their support.


Member Profiles

● Omotee
I am finally in my sixties. I am a housewife and fond of crafts. Before the disasters, I ran a tobacco shop in Takenoura. I love reading. Now, I have been building close relationships with other grandmothers in temporary housing.

● Mint Green
I am an energetic woman in my fifties. I am a nurse in full-time operation—a self-proclaimed angel. The Disasters didn’t stop me from doing my “angelic” duty. I have been doing what I can do for the people’s well-being. However, I can be more like a devil when it comes to getting the job done.

● Yuppi
I’m totally drained, physically and emotionally. I’m a woman in my fifties who loves peaches, as well as the blue sky, the blue sea, and all things blue.

● Ramarama
[age and occupation unspecified] For decades I have put on a smile and acted tough–pretending, I don’t know, like I couldn’t hear the wind blowing from the outside or the storm raging from the inside; like I was mature or something. But once I realized after the earthquake that I had been going round and round to the same places like a merry-go-round, I resolved to abandon my “complacent woman” routine and make my debut in a new world.

● Rua Baba
[age unspecified] I am a grandmother who hopes to someday live with my grandchildren in my dream home. I want to live just like before the disasters, surrounded by flowers all year-round.