PhotoVoice Exhibitions & Community Forums

Expression & Transmission

Through the PhotoVoice Project, women who participate in our meetings are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences with society at large. As part of the project, we have been able to effectively extend the methodology of our meetings to larger exhibitions and community forums across the nation and abroad. While they can be held separately, the combination of these events has shown to better provide a space where our photographers (PhotoVoice members) and attendees can more directly share and interact.


● Exhibitions

Each member is invited to choose photos and create “voices” inspired by discussions in PhotoVoice meetings to share with their community. (They can also choose to display photos not shared at PhotoVoice meetings.)

When possible, facilitators also support members in the process of sharing the context behind their photos and in crafting their voices. These photos and voices are then compiled into panel presentations to be used at exhibitions; since January of 2015, approximately 200 sets of photos and voices have been created. Exhibitions not only allow us to display these photo and voice panels, but also allow our PhotoVoice photographers from each project site to directly discuss and share their work with exhibition attendees.

In addition to these exhibitions, PhotoVoice Project also provides an artwork loan service. We compile photos and voices that can effectively display select themes or topics.

Moreover, by collaborating with Japanese instructors and students overseas, many voices are being translated into English and French. So far these photos and voices have been displayed at exhibitions and international academic conferences at the University of Michigan (USA) and Paris Diderot University (France).


● Community Forums
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Community forums provide a space for PhotoVoice participants to directly share their thoughts and situations with a large number of people. At the same time, these forums provide an ideal opportunity for participants to make their faces and stories known to other PhotoVoice group members.


● Attendee Survey
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● Exhibition & Community Forum Record
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