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Collecting and Sharing Women’s PhotoVoice

By sharing the photos and voices of women affected by the 3.11 disasters across Japan and abroad, The PhotoVoice Project is committed to preserving the memory of the disasters. The photos and voices collected thus far have since been compiled and published in our PhotoVoice Book, which is featured on this website. We are also developing our website to include a search function for a variety of topics, as well as an archive to house these photos and voices.

● The PhotoVoice Book

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From our project sites in Miyagi (Sendai, Ishinomaki, Onagawa Cities), Iwate (Miyako City), and Fukushima (Koriyama and Fukushima Cities), to the many evacuees living in the Tokyo suburbs, we have compiled and analyzed over seven years worth of photos and stories from the disasters. The resulting photos and voices (250 sets) have been organized by theme within the PhotoVoice Book, including a short explanatory introduction and related information for each section.

These photos and voices expose a wide range of the problems resulting from the disasters. These include more direct effects such as loss of lives and homes, as well as the more long term effects of radioactive contamination, the dismantling of affected regions and communities, the destruction of nature in the name of reconstruction, and governmental policies that go against the wishes of its residents.

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The cover, as with that of “PhotoVoice Book No. 1” (2015), was drawn by our own Sendai member M.SATO. Both editions were made from paper produced by Nippon Paper Group in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Editing and compilation were funded by the The Takemura Fund for Feminist Research for Gender Equality and Justice.


――Announcing the release of “Our PhotoVoice of 3.11” (わたしたちのフォトボイス)– Support the Project Today! 

――Introducing “Our PhotoVoice of 3.11” (わたしたちのフォトボイス) ! 

――Reviews for the PhotoVoice Book  (August 6, 2015)


● Archive
――The original PhotoVoice Archive (coming soon)

――National Women’s Education Center (NWEC) Archive for Disaster Relief Support for Women

** As the Archive for Disaster Relief Support for Women is currently switching servers, we have temporarily stopped uploading new PhotoVoice entries. New uploads will be announced on our homepage and blog. **

Since March of 2014, photos and voices featured at our exhibition events have been regularly compiled into a single PDF file (see below) and included in the National Women’s Education Center (NWEC) Archive for Disaster Relief Support for Women.

This archive is linked with the National Diet Library of Japan’s Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Archive “Hinabiku”, further disseminating the PhotoVoice Project domestically and abroad. Many of these archived PhotoVoice entries are also listed in English and French as well as Japanese, and are available for use in sharing the PhotoVoice story abroad. A list of PhotoVoice entries featured in this archive is regularly updated on our website.