Supporting Organizations

The PhotoVoice Project is supported by the following organizations:

・Wesley Foundation Japan

・Oxfam Japan

・Olympus Corporation

・Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) Photo Aid Program: Connecting the Past and Future through the Power of Photography and Imaging

・National Women’s Education Center (NWEC)

・The Bodyshop Japan Nippon Foundation

・Religions for Peace WCRP Japan, Fukushima Community Building Support Project

・Takeda Life Reconstruction Program (administered by Nippon NPO Center)

・Kazuko Takemura Feminist Fund

・Japan Post Group, New Year’s Postcard Donations Aid Program

・Fujieda Fund for Gender Equality in Responding to the Great East Japan Disasters (in PhotoVoice Sendai)

・Women’s Network for East Japan Disaster (Rise Together)


・Japan Foundation Research Fellowship in Japanese Studies

・Paris Diderot University (Université Paris Diderot) Department of Language and Civilizations of East Asia

・University of Michigan: School of Social Work; Center for Japanese Studies; Japanese Language Program; Institute for Research on Women and Gender; Center for Global Health