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The PhotoVoice Project aids women affected by the Great East Japan Disaster, using photography as a means to capture and share their experience while promoting social change.

We are currently seeking members, contributors, and volunteers to help support the project. (For information on volunteering, click here).

Become a Regular Member ~ Participate in Project Planning and Administration

As a regular member, you will be able to participate in PhotoVoice Project planning and administration, while holding voting rights in our annual board meetings (you can also vote by proxy). You will also receive priority to participate in various PhotoVoice Project events, and in some cases receive membership discounts.

Enrollment Fee (Individual): 3,000 yen
Enrollment Fee (Organization): 10,000 yen

Annual Fee (Individual): 5,000 yen
Annual Fee (Organization): 20,000 yen
(multiple membership payments are accepted)


Become a Supporting Member ~ Provide Regular Financial Support

As a supporting member, your regular contributions directly endorse and support The PhotoVoice Project. You will also receive priority to participate in various PhotoVoice Project events, and in some cases membership discounts. (This option does not include voting rights in general board meetings.)

Annual Fee (Individual): 5,000 yen
Annual Fee (Organization): 20,000 yen
Annual Fee (Student): 2,500 yen
(multiple membership payments are accepted)



Your generous donation helps to support the goals of The PhotoVoice Project. Any and all amounts are appreciated.


*** Payment Method for Enrollment Fees, Member Fees, and Donations ***


● Bank Transfer

Japan Post Bank

[Branch Name] Zero Zero Hachi

[Branch Number] 008  [Account Number] General: 5806550

[Account Name] The PhotoVoice Project


● Payment Form

Account Number: 00120-7-323737

Account Holder Name: The PhotoVoice Project
*Japanese: トクヒ)フォトボイス・プロジェクト 特定非営利活動法人フォトボイス プロジ

* Please be aware of service charges. *

* If using the payment form, in addition to your full name and contact information, please include your selection of “Regular Member”, “Supporting Member”, or “Donor”. Otherwise, your payment will automatically be considered a donation to The PhotoVoice Project.

* Statements issued from money transfers will be used as your official receipt. If you need a separate receipt, please indicate so on your payment form, or email us.

* Member, Donation, and Volunteer application forms can be downloaded (in Japanese) here. English forms coming soon.



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